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    Birmingham Council leader urges city to rise to the challenge of cuts

    The leader of Birmingham City Council Mike Whitby says the city is facing a "gargantuan challenge" in cutting the budget in light of today's spending review.

    Whitby had previously estimated that £330million of savings need to be found in the next three to four years and is now comparing that figure against details announced in George Osborne's speech.

    He says specifics will follow in the weeks and months ahead.

    Whatever the final figure this is a gargantuan challenge – but one that we will have to rise to," Whitby said in a news release. "Birmingham, after all, already has a proud reputation for innovating, developing new ideas, and solving problems in creative ways."

    Whitby says you don't need to be an economist to understand that the Cameron government has been presented with an unsustainable situation, having inherited the worst recession since 1921.  

    "Tackling the deficit is a national challenge, and one that every public sector agency will share in," Whitby said.

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    2 comments for Birmingham Council leader urges city to rise to the challenge of cuts

    1. Anonymous

      There is no wonder that the Tory councillor is supporting the 'inevitable' line. But there is nothing inevitable about cutting 28bn from the welfare, whilst 850bn was spent on bailing out the banks and only 2.5bn has been spent on a bank levy. There is no way that everyone is in this together. There is an alternative - growth and investment. But personally, growth for me needs to be only to get us out of the recession, sustainability and a steady state should be sought.

      Councils are going to be hit especially hit through the cuts, so the Tories' and LibDems' rhetoric that they are somehow giving councillors is utter rubbish!

    2. Anonymous

      Edits needed to that above thing - sorry! Meant to say power after councillors!

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