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    Unions to stage UK-wide protests

    Union activists will take part in a series of rallies and protests across the UK next year as part of a campaign against the Government's spending cuts.
    The TUC has announced that a national demonstration will be held on March 26 in London's Hyde Park, predicting it will be the "biggest and boldest" event it had ever held.
    TUC general secretary Brendan Barber will tell a rally in London that unions were at the heart of a powerful coalition against the cuts, bringing together service users, charities and community groups.
    "The union movement and the country face the sternest test in a generation. Not only is the economy on its knees, not only is the law tilted against us, but we have a Government in power that is making spending cuts of a speed, scale and savagery never before seen.
    "On Wednesday we saw half a million public servants condemned to life on the dole, higher education funding cut by 40%, the education maintenance allowance for 16-19 year olds scrapped and local authorities compelled to slash services for the vulnerable.

    Read the full story at the Birmingham Post

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    1 comments for Unions to stage UK-wide protests

    1. Anonymous

      This is a day before my birthday; I am looking forward to it. Organisational mass mobilisation is a crucial way to get the message across to this government that there is an alternative.

      Sadly, they are trying to spread out the cuts so it undermines collective resistance; but the more publicity we give to the detrimental effects these cuts will have the more likely conscious raising will occur.

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