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    Warning Over Public Sector Unemployment Insurance

    "Britain's six million public sector workers intent on unemployment insurance should buy soon or risk being excluded, experts insist.
    Most policies with job loss cover exclude protection if redundancy is foreseeable at time of purchase. Some experts are suggesting the Chancellor's statement does not mark that point yet and cover is still available, yet others says it's key you ask your insurer in case they try to wriggle out of claims later on.
    However, insurers may stop covering government workers at any point, and even if they still offer protection, they may hike costs as there is more chance they will have to pay claims."
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    Posted by Birmingham Budget Cuts on 2:09 PM. Filed under . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0

    1 comments for Warning Over Public Sector Unemployment Insurance

    1. I paid half of everything I ever earned to the taxman, and when I was unemployed I was entitled to anything and even have no access direct UK money lenders. The British government is run by gangsters, and its taxes are a protection racket by any other name. Having no work no money and little prospect is an absolute nightmare, and the forms to fill out oh no please I dont want to go there please no. Stop hating the unemployed. But good luck, because I wouldn't wish redundancy on even the most foamy-mouthed hater who currently despises me.

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