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    Hemming breaks pre-election pledge

    "Over the years I have paid probably millions of pounds in various taxes. Had I thought that by going to University I would be asked to pay millions of pounds it could have raised some concern."
    These are the words which grace John Hemming's personal blog. Birmingham Yardley's Liberal Democrat MP clearly understands how the introduction of a graduate tax could act as a disincentive to attend university but still voted for it, betraying his signed pre-election pledge to oppose such fees. His decision is no surprise after the MP made it clear following a 3 hour student sit in at his city office last Monday.
    Hemming pledged to oppose the fees increase
    The anger towards this perceived betrayal manifested itself on the streets of London yesterday with thousands of students taking to the streets and resulting in injuries to both the police and the protesters.

    The Liberal Democrats have witnessed a dramatic slump in support, illustrated by a comment posted on Hemming's blog post from 'Disgruntled LibDem voter' which reads
    "absolutely gutted. nothing but a lot of hot air!! I'm more disappointment that I wasted a vote on you!! NEVER AGAIN!!! SHAME ON YOU!"

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