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    Protesters march through Birmingham

    Protesters angry at government cuts surprised police by turning out in huge numbers to march through Birmingham's city centre on Saturday.

    Up to 2500 demonstrators gathered outside Birmingham Cathedral to hear organisers speak out against proposed cuts. The council's budget is to be slashed by £320 million in the next two years, in cuts that are thought will lead to 7000 council workers losing their jobs by 2015 and vital services being cut.

    Trades union groups, socialist organisations and concerned members of the public marched past the Bullring shopping centre and along New Street in a wide column that took some 15 minutes to pass.

    The protest passed peacefully, if noisily andf attracted a great deal of attention from Saturday shoppers, who were overwhelmingly sypathetic to protesters concerns.

    Activists have called for a further gathering to blockade the council house on Tuesday, when City Councillors will meet to set the next budget.

    More photographs are available on our Facebook group page.

    Posted by Matt Garfield on 5:48 PM. Filed under , . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0

    2 comments for Protesters march through Birmingham

    1. I think it would have been polite to mention that the protest was organised by Birmingham against the Cuts, which is a united campaign of trade unions, anti-cuts groups, political groups, and community groups. Visit our facebook or web site for more details.

      Godfrey Webster for
      Birmingham against the Cuts

    2. Thanks for pointing out an oversight on our part. We're very familiar with BATC and will continue consulting your website regularly.

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