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    Save Cotteridge Church Day Centre

    Angry residents fear that the most vulnerable people will be left out in the cold in light of the latest cuts.

    Dozens of people voiced their concerns at a public meeting held on Wednesday and questioned Councillor Nigel Dawkins over what they believe will be the inevitable closure of the Cotteridge Church Day centre, without the £68,000 government funding for a much loved resource for older people in the area.

    A local Nurse said: "Social integration for the vulnerable is essential for everyone to be included so that no-one left behind."

    As with thousands of centres like this one in Cotteridge, the effect of cuts in government funding mean that even with ‘Big Society’ volunteer help and donations, they could still face closure.

    Another worried local said: “How will we provide services for people without the funding? Where else will people go?"

    The Councillor at the meeting said: “These are difficult times; we are facing huge cuts that are not our choice. We will try and squeeze the maximum benefit out of the budget we have. Hopefully when the economy is stronger we will be able to reinvest in these services." He also assured residents that the cabinet member will ‘hear the cries of Cotteridge.’

    The council also proposes to close half of the neighbourhood offices in the city, which was met with outrage from the meeting attendees who marched on Saturday, 12pm-2pm outside St. Phillips Cathedral and joined in with the fight against the cuts.

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