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    Protests Galore

    Birmingham is gearing up for a busy week of budget cut protests.

    On Saturday 26th March, hundreds of thousands are expected to fill the streets of London, protesting against the Government's plans to cut budgets everywhere in the country. Here in Birmingham, our very own protest march will be taking place on Wednesday 23rd March, the day when the new budget will be announced by Chancellor, George Osborne. The march here in Birmingham is being organised by Birmingham Against The Cuts, of which Right To Work, a national campaign, is part of. To find out more about the London march, I spoke to Pete, an admin for the Right To Work website. He had this to say.

    "I would say that recent protests have been important in building up confidence and resistance. We are hoping that the impact of hundreds of thousands on the streets on the 26th will be to lift the confidence and resistance to the cuts. Where there are large delegations from workplaces and union branches, there will be a greater expectation that they can resist, demonstrate and strike". Pete also stated that any protests around the country on the 23rd, will be on an inevitably smaller scale than the London march.
    "It's fair to say that March 23rd is overshadowed by March 26th. I think the budget day protests will be seen around the country as an opportunity to build the momentum for the 26th".

    The local Birmingham protest will take place at the Government Office for the West Midlands on Colmore Row, starting at 5.00pm till 6.45pm. Meanwhile, the London protest will take place just 3 days later on the 26th, assembling at the Victoria Embankment, which will then lead to Hyde Park where a rally will take place.

    For more information about both protests, visit or

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