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    Kings Heath Park to Lose Gardeners Weekend

    Kings Heath Park is set to lose 'Gardeners Weekend as Birmingham City Council looks to save £60,000.

    The annual event has been held at the park for the last 20 years and is much loved by local residents.

    K Heath 4

    Councillor Martin Mullaney, the minister behind the policy said “The problem we have is the weekend at Kings Heath Park loses £50,000 to £60,000 a year because we have to put on security and pay for parking and coaches."

    Down at the park the news was met with anger, "Well it may cost £50,000 but surely that cost is offset by the number of visitors and the raising of the profile of the area" argued local artist Mrs Wormott.

    K Heath Park 1

    Brett Sheridan, marketing manager of local gardeing center Earlswood Nurseries, told aboutmyarea that his business would suffer as a result of the planned changes "Kings Heath Park is an ideal location for us. We've been going for the past seven years and it does generate business for us. The timing is very good because it gives us a boost to help us through the quieter times of Autumn and Winter."

    However David Papadopolus of Highbury Park Friends told BirminghamPhotoReporter "I would be sad to see it go, but I agree with Mullaney that it's lost custom, and pizazz, over the last few years, so maybe a change is better than a rest."

    We also contacted Simon Cooper, Constituency Parks Manager who said "I am afraid I am not involved in the decision making insofar as the future of the Gardeners Show but it is well documented just how difficult the existing financial climate is for all local authorities to operate let alone Birmingham. From a strictly personal perspective I don't think it harms to revisit and review the Gardeners Show and maybe the break or change of location will be an opportunity to refresh the whole concept."

    K Heath 3

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