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    Birmingham Budget Cuts at the protest at Parliament demo: 19th October 2010

    Today, we went with the Birmingham protestors to London to cover the 'Protest at Parliament' campaign organized by the unions. Below is a transcript of the tweets posted as the events of the day unfolded.

    9:56 A Protestor on the bus is furious that Sandwell are to close 4 elder care homes and make 230 caregivers redundant. Says cuts are crippling Britain
    10:02 Two union convenors on bus representing Birmingham Council Workers are organizing a rally for the 2nd November to coincide with the council meeting.
    11:06 Barabara on the Birmingham protest bus lost her job last month. It is the 5th time she's been made redundant. This is her first demonstration.
    11:27 There is much talk on the Birmingham protest bus that Britain, like France, needs to pull together.
    12:34 The Birmingham coaches have arrived in London, flags unfurled, vests donned, whistles distributed ... and walking towards demo.

    13:21 Thousands of trade unionists in Westminster Methodist Hall get riled up by fiery speech by Tony Woodley of Unite.
    13:27 14 year old girl aquits herself well, telling the crowd that Tory cuts cancelled her school rebuild and that the toilets were unusable.
    13:37 Actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) says he doesn't want to play subsidized performances for Tory sons and daughters.
    13:41 Cumberbatch draws cheers from London protestors when he asks "Is it asking too much for the Arts Minister to defend his brief?"
    14:22 Protestors streaming out of the Methodist Central Hall while speeches are still ongoing. Anxious to lobby MPs?
    14:44 Some of the protestors in London are dressed in Barney suits with signs saying "I'm a deficit slaying dinosaur"
    15:07 Union leaders are telling their members they can't lobby Conservative or Liberal Democrat MPs because David Cameron has called a meeting to prevent it.
    15:40 The Birmingham protestors finish with a pint at the Red Lion pub down the road from Downing Street - the closest they'll get to power today.

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    Tomorrow we will be blogging from the centre of Birmingham to report first hand on what the cuts mean and to get reaction from those affected.

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