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    Videos from the Student Demo

    At Tuesday's student demo in the city centre, we shot two videos which are presented for you below.

    The first shows the initial grouping with speakers taking advantage of the 'open mic' offer. The second video shows the student occupation of the council building.

    Posted by Birmingham Budget Cuts on 12:30 AM. Filed under , . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0

    2 comments for Videos from the Student Demo

    1. Wake up. Labour overspent. The current government needs to put things right. Schools budgets have been protected, but there is no case for higher education to be exempted from the required efficiencies.

    2. Spending cuts are not the answer to the current economic problem though. Look at Ireland - austerity measures introduced quickly following the banking crisis in 2008.
      Over the next two years, economy continues to falter with the property and banking sectors never stabilising.
      Ireland then finds it's credit rating reduced, meaning that they are paying more interest on their debt.
      This all leads Ireland to being forced into borrowing an extra €100Bn.

      Net effect of austerity measures: Increased national debt, higher interest rates being paid on that debt, economy in a bad way.

      If you think Labour overspent - and I am not a Labour party supporter - then explain why the national debt was lower just before Northern Rock went bust than at anytime in the 1980s.
      Explain what you would have done faced with the collapse of high street banks, and the savings of every individual in the UK, the very real possibility of runs on every bank and a collapse of the banking sector..

      Labour did not cause this crisis, though they allowed it to happen. Banks caused this crisis.
      Austerity measures are not the answer - we need to

      Fund HMRC properly to close the £120Bn tax gap;

      Introduce a tax on the riskiest banking transactions to raise £20Bn from the companies that caused the problems in the first place;

      Invest in green engineering, manufacturing and technology;

      Oh, and as a matter of fact, Schools budgets have not really been protected - central funding for schools has been frozen, meaning a real-terms decrease in funding (due to inflation); The Schools Sports Partnership is going to be ended despite having a strong effect on the provision of PE and sports at schools and EMA is to be cut (admittedly affecting the students rather than the schools)

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